Motorcycle rides from Austin into the Texas Hill Country

It’s mid-November and eighty-five degrees.  Where?  Texas.  I grew up in Austin – a great place to grow up because it’s a great place to visit, especially when Seattle is weather is getting annoying.  I’m going down to meet my new niece, Katherine, and also renting a bike from Cowboy Harley (a Buell Blast, which … More Motorcycle rides from Austin into the Texas Hill Country

Motorcycle culture

I love the little things in motorcycle culture like the "biker wave" and related controversies (should you wave at scooters?  bicyclists? cops? what if they don’t wave back?) and all the lingo and acronyms that you figure out over time like "don’t be a crayon" ie paint the asphalt with your skin. Here’s my favorite from today’s … More Motorcycle culture

OCC Vista Chopper

Yep, that’s a genuine Windows Vista Orange County Chopper, parts “chosen” by Paul Sr. from the TV show “American Chopper”. Participants in the Microsoft Giving Campaign have a chance to win it next month – I’m not sure it’s something I’d want to drive around, but it would be an interesting conversation piece.  I would venture to guess … More OCC Vista Chopper

Feeling the vibes

I’ve always loved driving as a skill.  I remember playing Pole Position and Stun Runner as a youth and specifically remember camping out at the driving games in the roller rink and loving beating the big boys.  I can’t say that I like competitive pressure and racing – KART and autocross are not for me … More Feeling the vibes

Just Fiddlin’ Around at the Vashon Island Strawberry Festival

It was such a beautiful day today – in the 80’s I think – and I spent the day on Vashon Island at the Strawberry Festival.  I’ve been to Vashon about 20 times but haven’t ever riden there or been to the Strawberry Fesitval.  It was way bigger than I had expected!  I’d say four … More Just Fiddlin’ Around at the Vashon Island Strawberry Festival

In the real world

I was trying to explain to Asta last night what it is about motorcycle riding that is so interesting – it’s like being in the real world 24-7 with no breaks for things like TV, alcohol or driving around all sealed up in our cars talking on the phone and blaring music.  Riding is the ultimate … More In the real world