Feeling the vibes

I’ve always loved driving as a skill.  I remember playing Pole Position and Stun Runner as a youth and specifically remember camping out at the driving games in the roller rink and loving beating the big boys.  I can’t say that I like competitive pressure and racing – KART and autocross are not for me – I’m more into the feeling and mindset of solo driving.

I used to have a first generation Miata which was the most visceral driving experience I had until motorcycling.  I loved that thing – I souped it up and dove into countless projects on it.  Eventually I grew tired of wearing out my clutch on my stop-and-go commute and got a big cushy SUV but really missed driving.

Needless to say, riding a motorcycle is the most fun driving experience I think one can have.  You are so physically connected to how your actions and the road are meeting – leaning into the turns, holding on off the mark – it’s almost like water skiing sometimes!  Geez just wait til I upgrade my 250 😉  I sat on a Harley on Saturday and reved the 1400cc engine and it felt like a dragster.  I will probably end up with something a little more mellow, like how the Flowmasters sounded on my old Bronco.

What I like most is the feeling of the motor in my body.  I have an 800 watt subwoofer in my Pathfinder because I like to feel the music in my bone marrow and have the beat blow my hair.  The motorcycle penetrates and vibrates every cell of my body.  The power is transferred directly into me.  It’s amazing.  When you get off after riding for a few hours you still feel your body buzzing.

Love it.

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