Productivity Tips: Outlook Easter Eggs!

The best features in Outlook 2010 are not social network updates or  threaded conversations, though those are invaluable.  The best features are the little-noticed “Clean Up” and “Ignore”.  In 2008 on this very blog I pined for official versions of these features’ early incarnations, Thread Compressor and Thread Killer.  Now that these features have made it … More Productivity Tips: Outlook Easter Eggs!

OCC Vista Chopper

Yep, that’s a genuine Windows Vista Orange County Chopper, parts “chosen” by Paul Sr. from the TV show “American Chopper”. Participants in the Microsoft Giving Campaign have a chance to win it next month – I’m not sure it’s something I’d want to drive around, but it would be an interesting conversation piece.  I would venture to guess … More OCC Vista Chopper