The UX of You

I sometimes see updates posted to Facebook and Twitter that make me wonder, “Have you really thought about the user experience of you?” This is becoming increasingly important as people get more savvy about hiding, unliking, and unfollowing those that don’t meet their bar. Users constantly measure the value of what you say and once it drops … More The UX of You

Productivity Tips: Outlook Easter Eggs!

The best features in Outlook 2010 are not social network updates or  threaded conversations, though those are invaluable.  The best features are the little-noticed “Clean Up” and “Ignore”.  In 2008 on this very blog I pined for official versions of these features’ early incarnations, Thread Compressor and Thread Killer.  Now that these features have made it … More Productivity Tips: Outlook Easter Eggs!

Hello world!

Welcome to my new home on Closing up shop at Windows Live Spaces was bittersweet, especially after doing the design work for it for the last few years (including the actual Windows Live to WordPress migration), but I’m excited to be a part of this vibrant community.

You too can be a Simpson. And a South Parkian. This has been making the rounds at work.  Our entire team has created Simpsons versions of ourselves, some of which are scarily accurate (Ethan!).  I’m not sure what we’ll so with them – maybe print them and put them on our office doors when we move to building 85 in a few weeks.   And this is … More You too can be a Simpson. And a South Parkian.