Motorcycle culture

ChopperEmo I love the little things in motorcycle culture like the "biker wave" and related controversies (should you wave at scooters?  bicyclists? cops? what if they don’t wave back?) and all the lingo and acronyms that you figure out over time like "don’t be a crayon" ie paint the asphalt with your skin.

Here’s my favorite from today’s endless threads on the Microsoft Riders DL:

….Ok, I gotta ask. What’s ATGATT stand for?

All the gear, all the time.

ATGATT 35:12-14

"And Atgatt courted Motgatt, and took her for a wife.
And lo, he compromised with Atgmott, and verily she conceived,

and did bear a son, Notgatt. And Notgatt roamed naked,

and did bequeath his skin to the roads. And he was a wild ass and an outcast, and was hated through all the land. And his forehead was branded, and he did become a sign and a warning to all the people."

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle culture

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