Lucy Archuleta

I haven’t laughed as hard in weeks as when Frank realized that Lucy looks like David Archuleta.  We were eating dinner on the patio and she was just looking at us with sad eyes trying to weasel some food out of us and we just kept looking at her and laughing and then stopping and … More Lucy Archuleta

Product recommendation: Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness

Lucy pulls so hard on her leash that she will walk upright and choke herself if leashed directly to her collar.  No joke.  She just doesn’t get the cause and effect or doesn’t care.  I tried a pinch collar once and it didn’t even phase her.  For awhile I used a body harness that linked … More Product recommendation: Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness

Research on Laughing Dogs

 Woah – this is really cool!  I knew dogs smiled and laughed but this experiment is stunning! Quote What’s more, when that sound is played over speakers in a kennel full of barking dogs, the dogs go silent within a minute and then seem completely at peace. KATU 2 – Portland, Oregon