302 BBQ

Seen at the XXX Root Beer All-Chevy car show.  A working BBQ made from a Chevy engine.  302 of course 😉

I sold my Bronco

Yes, it’s true.  After four years of ownership (two years of bliss and two of headache), I finally sold my ’74 Bronco.  It had a myriad of problems that I could not seem to get a handle on, but it really was a “good Bronco” and I made it’s new owner very happy.  And he even … More I sold my Bronco

I shot Shelby

The new Ford Shelby at NAIAS is just about the coolest car I’ve ever seen.  It’s polished to a mirror finish and I took several photos of my reflection in it which was pretty fun.  I was doing that and all of the sudden Caroll Shelby was standing right next to me and the papparatzi swarmed in, all … More I shot Shelby