70 mpg, suckas!

 I knew I would save money on gas by buying a motorcycle – hell, that’s how I rationalized some of the expense!  But what I am surprised about is just how much it’s changed the way I think about driving.  I now split types of travel into two groups in my mind:  Trips that require a car (errands with large items to transport, trips on the Interstate, trips in pouring down rain) and trips that allow me to ride my bike.  When I’m in my car I try to minimize the distance I travel – at 17 mpg the gas expense adds up!  But when I’m on the bike I feel a freedom I’ve never experienced before!  I can drive whereever I want at virtually no expense!  I wasn’t really a person who worried a lot about gas money, but it’s just a different frame of mind when you realize you can actually travel for fun and for free.  It’s awesome!

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