I rode in the Pride Parade – I can die happy.

When I was a little girl… ok, when I was 22 😛 – I saw my first pride parade led by Dykes on Bikes.  If you’ve never seen this phenomenon, it’s a goose-bump inducing start to the parade, with scads of women of all shapes and sizes riding VERY BIG VERY LOUD bikes down the road, wind in their hair, babes on the back, honking their horns and high fiving the crowd.  I even took photos of them back in 1999 that still live on Greasergrrls.com.

Seeing them makes just about anyone wish they could ride and when I decided to learn this year my goal was to learn in time to ride with the Dykes on Bikes.  It was going to be tight due to school committments and I waffled on whether I should do it so soon (I only learned to ride a week ago).  The day before I decided that I felt confident enough to do it and I felt very comfortable – it was pretty easy riding.  The most challenging part was riding over 520 in the wind to get there (I was gripping the handlebars of that light 250 pretty tight!).  I loved seeing how excited the crowd was, honking my horn a million times and just generally feeling like a biker babe.  Even my Pat Benatar shirt got smiles 🙂

I’ve been searching YouTube and found a few clips of us.  It’s hard to see, but that’s me at :06 – :09 in this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCzwQ4dJ-bU

Unfortunately my camera’s battery died and I only got a few cell phone self-portraits 😦  Oh well, sometimes that’s for the best as it puts you more in the moment. 

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