Ann “Greasergrrl” Hudspeth is a musician, designer, gearhead, Native Austinite, rabble-rouser, and crazy dog lady.

In 1999, she created Greasergrrls.org (now moved to a Facebook group, Greasergrrls), a web site celebrating women motor enthusiasts, which had 400 members in its worldwide discussion list, and got tagged with the nickname “Greasergrrl”.

The name of this blog refers to a Wall Street Journal article that said for PR to be effective, companies need to churn out new news like a “surprise machine.”  The biggest surprise about the blog is that it still exists, since Facebook really took the place of personal expression on the web.  You’ll notice most of these articles were written before Facebook reached critical mass in 2008.  It’s great that WordPress still keeps these old sites around.

Ann lived in Seattle for 20 years (working at Microsoft for 12, hence all the Microsoft posts on this blog) but the rain finally got to her.  She relocated back to Austin in September of 2012 and is overjoyed to be in the land of sun, tacos and flip-flops.