Ann “Greasergrrl” Hudspeth is a musician, designer, gearhead, native Austinite, former Northwest hippie and Microsoftie, rabble-rouser, Seattle Storm fan, and crazy dog lady.

In 1999, she created Greasergrrls.com (now moved to Facebook), a web site celebrating women motor enthusiasts, which had 400 members in its worldwide discussion list, and got tagged with the nickname “Greasergrrl”.

The name of this blog refers to a Wall Street Journal article that said for PR to be effective, companies need to churn out new news like a “surprise machine.”

Ann worked at Microsoft for 12 years and also has a web design and marketing consultancy called Sureshot Interactive.  She relocated back to Austin in September of 2012 and is overjoyed to be in the land of sun, tacos and flip-flops.