The UX of You

I sometimes see updates posted to Facebook and Twitter that make me wonder, “Have you really thought about the user experience of you?” This is becoming increasingly important as people get more savvy about hiding, unliking, and unfollowing those that don’t meet their bar. Users constantly measure the value of what you say and once it drops … More The UX of You

The status message as a new literary form

Sociology and English Lit classrooms are all a-twitter about the new literary form of status messages (also known as “micro-blogging”).  Evolving out of Instant Messaging and Twitter, writing status messages has become a common practice through Facebook’s constant asking, “What are you doing right now?” and the long conversations about said doings that litter our News Feeds.  Oberlin … More The status message as a new literary form

Dreaming of Facebook

There’s something unsettling about knowing what old classmates are eating for dinner yet not knowing what they’ve been doing for the last 20 years.  For many of us in our thirties, Facebook reached a tipping point in the last year and we are being deluged by friend requests from old high school and undergrad classmates … More Dreaming of Facebook