In the real world

I was trying to explain to Asta last night what it is about motorcycle riding that is so interesting – it’s like being in the real world 24-7 with no breaks for things like TV, alcohol or driving around all sealed up in our cars talking on the phone and blaring music. 

Riding is the ultimate form of sobriety.  You are out interacting with the real world, making decisions based on your experiences right in that moment.  "Should I keep going on this road or take that side road – it looks interesting."  Just being out there, touching things instead of being closed off, puts me in touch with deeper parts of myself.  Who am I?  What do I really want to do?  Why? 

There is also this really cool side effect of getting out there and exploring new places – it replentishes your creative well (borrowing a concept from The Artists’ Way) and stimulates all sorts of new thoughts.  It also allows us to take advantage of these gorgeous sunny days.  I used to feel guilty when I was inside and it was nice out – it’s a great way to consume the weather and feel like I got the most out of it that I could.  Now when I see the sun I just think about getting on my bike and riding out to Carnation on Ames Lake Road and back on Tolt 🙂

Riding in cars now seems very luxurious and strange!

One thought on “In the real world

  1. Try out "The Perfect Vehicle" by Melissa Holbrook.  I think you’ll enjoy her perspective on riding, and she does a great job of encapsulating what it means to ride from a number of different perspectives (ISBN-10: 1862071195, ISBN-13: 978-1862071193).
    Ghost Rider by Neil Peart is also an interesting read about "the healing road", it speaks to your comments about sobriety for sure.  I like the description of viewing the world as a picture without a frame.

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