70 mpg, suckas!

 I knew I would save money on gas by buying a motorcycle – hell, that’s how I rationalized some of the expense!  But what I am surprised about is just how much it’s changed the way I think about driving.  I now split types of travel into two groups in my mind:  Trips that require … More 70 mpg, suckas!

Just standing there

One of the weirdest things about riding a motorcycle is that at stoplights I often just stand there with my head up high enough so that the bike is totally blocked by my helmet and I think, “I’m just standing in the middle of an intersection.”  It seems really odd to be able to do that and … More Just standing there

My motorcycle crash

On Easter Sunday of 1996, I took off on the back of a motorcycle being driven by a friend (well more like an acquaintance) and we headed towards Deception Pass for a day in the rare Seattle sun.  I had riden on the back of bikes off and on since high school and although I … More My motorcycle crash