The UX of You

I sometimes see updates posted to Facebook and Twitter that make me wonder, “Have you really thought about the user experience of you?”

This is becoming increasingly important as people get more savvy about hiding, unliking, and unfollowing those that don’t meet their bar. Users constantly measure the value of what you say and once it drops below a certain threshold, you’ll lose them permanently. Some are so frustrated with information overload that it just takes one questionable post to trigger their delete impulse.

Put yourself in the shoes of the people who receive the bits you are typing. Who are they? Where are they? How do they read their social feeds? What is their experience of what you are typing?  Are your sentiments scalable? If every person in their feed said what you are saying, what would their experience be like?

Here are some examples of head-scratching updates I’ve received in the last week:

  • Just checked in at Starbucks
  • This dinner is lovely
  • Glad to be off work!

If every person who went to Starbucks, had a great dinner, or was glad to be off work posted as such, my feed would have a frustratingly low signal to noise ratio.

Is what you are saying valuable? Different? Actionable?

Let’s take each of those updates and make them worthy of someone’s time:

  • Just checked in at Starbucks – the pumpkin lattes are spectacular
  • Had a lovely dinner at Lark – it’s next to Central Cinema so it’s a great date night. And they take the Prime Card! <add a link>
  • Glad to be off work – headed to Three Lions Pub if anyone wants to join

Boost your signal to cut through the noise by thinking about the user experience of you.

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