My favorite iPhone apps

urbanspoon A few friends have gotten their first iPhone in the last week and I thought I’d list my current favorite iPhone apps (besides Text, Mail, Calendar, Phone).

Useful apps, in order of how much I use them:

  1. Facebook
  2. mBox Mail – for Hotmail/Live Mail
  3. Listomni – this is how I manage my life! I have 200+ tasks prioritized which keeps me focused and not overwhelmed. The grocery list is worth the price of admission: it remembers what I shop for, knows where to find things, and it makes it super easy to shop
  4. – money management and budgeting.  Amazing.
  5. Accuweather and The Weather Channel – Accuweather is pretty accurate
  6. TweetDeck – my favorite Twitter app
  7. Yelp – This comes in handy often – I check it to see the best restaurant/shopping/repair place nearby and I write reviews that feed out to Windows Live and Facebook
  8. Urbanspoon – A fun way to find restaurants
  9. Wikipanion – Wikipedia
  10. BigOven – Recipes
  11. MyNetDiary – Food, Weight, Exercise tracking
  12. Pandora – internet radio. Only problem with it is the speed/quality/connection but I use it at the gym when I have good reception
  13. iPhlix – For managing Netflix
  14. eBay – Dangerous!
  15. Amazon – Even more dangerous!

mobile-news-network-iphone How I get my news:

  1. Huff Post – the left
  2. WSJ – the right
  3. NYTimes – the Times
  4. NetNewsWire – RSS

Fun stuff:

  1. myLighter – fun at concerts
  2. Flashlight – this has come in handy more than once
  3. Rain Stick – what a nice sound
  4. Labyrinth LE – tilt to move the marble around the wooden maze
  5. LightSaber – great sound effects
  6. Handy Level – it’s a real level!
  7. Ocarina – amazing use of the iphone’s capabilities

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