Breaking my social media feed circles

feed-meI’m going nuts trying to straighten out all my social media feed publishing and get rid of the duplication and circular references. Check this out:My Twitter is updating my Facebook status and my Windows Live Messenger status is updating my WL Profile status but my Twitter status is also updating in my Windows Live What’s New feed (but not the status). My Twitter is appearing in my Facebook news feed via Friendfeed so it’s there twice –doh! Then my Windows Live blog updates are publishing to Friendfeed but they don’t always show up so I post them individually in Facebook (nicer formatting too) and then delete the automatic Friendfeed update (if it appears at all). But now that I just added Friendfeed and Twitter to my Windows Live Space in custom HTML modules I realized it’s posting Windows Live blog entries (so they are there twice), not to mention the duplicative Twitter updates that are now on Windows Live in three places…feed OK. So now I’m asking, “What are all these services really for?” That’s the only way to straighten all these flows out.

So now I’ll take Twitter out of my Friendfeed which will make it much more consumable for my fellow social media discussers, but I wonder if anyone on Twitter is missing my Friendfeed and Windows Live blog…Got it? I’m not sure I do. Maybe I should make a diagram.Twitter -> Facebook and Windows LiveFriendfeed -> Facebook and Windows LiveWindows Live -> Friendfeed and FacebookThat still leaves one circle with Windows Live and Friendfeed but I can live with it since its only a side module that also includes other stuff. How are you managing your mingling feeds?


2 thoughts on “Breaking my social media feed circles

  1. I was just thinking the same thing a few minutes before happening upon this post! Was getting worried that by adding my Twitter feed to my FB page it might start pissing off my FB friends who are a different crowd (mostly) than my Twitter followers. I think FB folks have tolerance level to the rhythm of tweeting – status updates on FB just feel different. But now mine are tweets.A diagram is definitely in order!

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