25 things about 25 things (on Facebook)

  1. At first the notion of email chain migrating to Facebook was so distasteful that many of us resisted.  Then as we read a few and wrote our own lists, some included snarky comments like “I’m not tagging anyone” and “The buck stops here”.
  2. Most of my friends are really interesting!  I think that is what has made this so compelling and challenged even the most snarky of us to submit to the meme and write their own.  I read 18 different lists a few nights ago over an hour – it was truly great reading
  3. Most of my friends are really funny!  Many have an amazing sense of comedic timing which is one of my favorite things ever
  4. OK, there were a few that weren’t interesting or funny.
  5. There’s a gap in what Facebook is offering us in terms of communication.  Micro-blogging (our status messages) are too superficial.  We want more substance
  6. The flexibility of the platform Facebook has provided is impressive.  They gave us tools but we created the meme
  7. Whoever thought to start a chain using Notes was pretty clever and I wonder if they thought it would turn into the tsunami it has
  8. You can tell people some pretty intense stuff in this forum because people don’t have to respond.  Death, adoption, addiction – it’s all fair game
  9. Many of us have had “other lives”
  10. This is a great way to give the details about the most impressive things on your resume
  11. This is a great way to fill in holes in your resume – the life adventures that taught more than any school ever could
  12. This is a great way to give the flipside of your resume – the horrible jobs you wish you could forget
  13. A lot of people have OCD (including me)
  14. Music is intense for people
  15. Kids do really creative, telling things
  16. The most creative kids become the most interesting grownups
  17. People can overcome major tragedies and turn out OK
  18. Some of us are aspiring writers, philosophers, pundits
  19. 25 things is about 6 too many.  See?

What have you learned from 25 things?


One thought on “25 things about 25 things (on Facebook)

  1. I’ve learned that I don’t have time in my life right now to think about 25 things in a row that are related to me. Well, I choose to use my time for other things. And I’ll make time occasionally to read 25 things about someone else, esp. the closer they are to me. That sentences don’t need to be ‘complete’ to be compelling :) That I want the sun to set an hour later than it does now so I can go for a run. Oh, wait. That has absolutely nothing to do with this :) Carry on!

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