Is that broccoli in your basket or are you just happy to see me?

I had an unconventional teacher in high school who gave us Wilson Bryan Key’s Subliminal Seduction to read in American History class.  The book affected me greatly and I completely wore out my copy.  It’s premise was that there are suggestive words and imagery embedded in advertising and I could swear I could see them.  Upon further research on the Internets today, I see that he’s widely regarded as a crackpot.

choppinbroc Yet, should we believe that Cascadian Farms embedded smiling faces into their boxes of broccoli and jars of jam just as a goof or a “tribute” as they claim?  The skeptic (or conspiracy theorist?) in me can’t help but think those smiling faces could play a part in a sinister plot to sell more broccoli, perhaps as payback for the Senior Bush’s attempt at maligning the aforementioned perfect food and depressing its sales.  Cascadian Farms has agreed to stop this practice, but I’ll bet you $5 they’ll continue it once they see the uptick in sales now that the shiny happy people have been exposed.ohmygodjam


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