How to avoid the Halloween stomach ache

sick pumpkin Since I’ve been in 20/20 I’ve heard a lot of interesting ideas about what to do with the over abundance of stomach-ache inducing (and paunch producing) Halloween candy.  One recommendation I thought was particularly ingenious is for parents to offer their kids a trade-in deal – candy for tangible treats like a DVD, book, or day trip.

You can also have your kids trick or treat for donations to their favorite causes.

If you have extra candy that you need to get out of the house, many health clubs like the ProClub are collecting candy that they’ll donate to the troops through Operation Gratitude (great, just what they need!).  I’ve also heard that dentists all over the country are offering candy buy-backs and exchanges on Nov 1.

Look for an event near you and teach your children that there are better ways to celebrate Halloween than eating their weight in sugar.



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