My first Salon of Shame

Reading at Salon of ShameWho knew I would be so grateful I lugged these boxes of old journals around all these years?  Last night I read at the Salon of Shame in front of a sell-out crowd at the Theater Off Jackson.

The idea is simple: Seattleites stand and read from their worst adolescent writing, including middle school diaries, high school poetry, unsent letters, etc. Founded in 2005, the Salon is cathartic for readers and hilarious for listeners. Everybody wins when it comes to embarrassment!

My +1 and I were greatly entertained – I laughed so hard I cried during many of the readers.  There is something so simultaneously touching and hilarious about the words we wrote during those ponderously perplexing years.  Looking back on that time from where I sit now is very healing. 

Here is an Evening Magazine piece on a previous Salon of Shame:


One thought on “My first Salon of Shame

  1. Wow. Very cool. I wish I hadnt thrown all of mine out the last time I was home. They were an absolute riot. Sounds like a fun time.

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