Highly engineered Tupperware: Fit & Fresh

I love living in this day and age.  Technology is moving so fast and everyone is trying to make a buck with ideas that span the good, the bad and the ugly.  The first rule of brainstorming is that to have a good idea you need lots of ideas so although the world is filling up with plastic crap, once in awhile a piece of plastic comes along that’s truly ingenious.  Some might say over-engineered, but I would say perfectly engineered in this case:

chillersaladFit & Fresh Transportation products

These are Tupperware that have ice packs and other useful things built into them.  My favorite is the salad shaker:  A plastic salad bowl, a removable ice pack, a dressing dispenser, and utensils in the top.  You put your lettuce in it and put some dressing in the dispenser and when you get ready to eat it, you turn a knob on the top which pops the cover off of the dressing dispenser inside the bowl and you shake it up and viola, freshly tossed salad on the go with no mess.

Last night at Fred Meyer I found the Fresh Start Breakfast Chiller which includes a bowl for dry cereal, an ice pack surrounding a small container for milk, and a compartment for fruit.


On their site they also have a Soup & Salad Combo Bowl, a Fruit and Veggie Bowl, and cute little Snack Clips for kids.

I love it.

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