The Gits movie finally released

The Gits concert footage The documentary created about The Gits, a truly excellent band whose career was cut short by the murder of their singer, Mia Zapata, is finally complete and having its national release this week. When I saw an early screening in 2005, I contacted the filmmakers and gave them footage I filmed as a fan of possibly their most memorable show (thanks to Jean and MS Studios for making that happen).  I heard from a friend who saw the unfinished movie last year that the footage I provided plays a big part and I’m so happy – I knew when I filmed it, that it was really special.  The Seattle Times even mentioned it specifically today in Movies | Mia Zapata, the Gits get their due in fan’s documentary | Seattle Times Newspaper:

After the SIFF screening, O’Kane was also offered more archival footage, including a delightful Seattle concert from March 1993 that captures the Gits playing in medieval knight and court-jester garb. It’s an apt display of the wit that informed the band’s persona and fueled their musical instinct.

I’ve been invited to the Seattle premiere party next week and have given permission for the entire concert to be shown at premiere parties, including in New York. 

And after all this time, I have a heavy heart about Mia’s death but I am so glad that this film was made, especially in the way it was:  it’s funny and focuses on their music.  I’m glad I could help.

See the Gits Movie near you (at NW Film Forum in Seattle).

The Gits movie trailer from the concert I filmed


One thought on “The Gits movie finally released

  1. This is cool Ann.  Hey, did I tell you I’ve never been to a concert in my whole life?!  :-)  Are you embarassed to know me now?  :-)

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