Straddling the fine line between organized and anal

My mind is an odd amalgam of creative and compulsive – artistic and anal.  It means I set up all sorts of organization systems that others find a bit OTT (Over The Top) but I find very satisfying.

My attic – file cards denote the sections o’ stuff:


Don’t you wish your box ‘o cords was this organized?  I think this was a structured procrastination project from my second quarter finals week:


What do you do with your miscellaneous AC adapters?  I end up keeping mine until I can’t figure out what they belong to and even then I keep them in their own Misc Adapters bag:


Can I tell you how happy I was when I saw this in Bed, Bath and Beyond?  I LOVE IT:


This makes me really happy too.  It’s a combination of two things I really like – organization and abundance:


My instrument cords still need some work but they’re better than they used to be:


Aren’t you glad I am spending my Staycation doing useful things like writing this blog entry??? 


2 thoughts on “Straddling the fine line between organized and anal

  1. OMG regarding the AC adaptor situation? Put some of the batteries you have organized inyo your Brother P-Touch label maker and stick a label on the side of each adaptor that says what they go to. If you have really tidy handwriting, you can use a piece of paper, cut small, a fine Mr. Sharpie, and Scotch brand transparent tape. But you have to store your marker in your box of adaptors because all of the labels must be in the same color. Plus all of the labels must be on the same side. You can pick left or right, but you can’t mix them. They all have to be on the same side…the same side!

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