Carson Kressley’s “How to Look Good Naked” is awesome

I love Carson – he has this great new show that’s way better than “Queer Eye” called “How to Look Good Naked”.  It’s obviously very funny but also very powerful – heck even Oprah had him on recently to talk about it and the powerful body issues he addresses.

He takes one woman per episode and teaches her to love her body as it is and have a more realistic conception of it – and then he dolls her all up and convinces her to pose nude for a photo shoot.  It’s a feel-good show that really makes you think about the distorted way many women see themselves.  There’s a great segment where he has the woman find her place in a lineup of large women who are arranged by something like thigh size and they invariably overestimate their size by many inches.  Then he shows three women on video in different outfits with their faces blurred and – oh just watch it yourself:



One thought on “Carson Kressley’s “How to Look Good Naked” is awesome

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