Save the earth: Take The Napkin Pledge!

IMG_4017I’ve always had the bad habit of taking more napkins than I really need, especially if I’d have to walk a long way to get more.  I think this is a common practice, as evidenced by the piles of unused napkins on the tables in the cafeteria around 2pm.  My reasoning was, "Well, I’ll leave the unused ones on the table maybe someone else will use them if they run out."  But deep down I know that most people would find that gross and they’ll just be thrown away by the cleanup crew.  As Penny says, no matter how flat and untouched the little piles look, "Ew! Someone could have blown their nose on that!"

But no more!  In order to counteract my years of excess tree destruction, I am instituting The Napkin Pledge:

  1. I now pledge to only use the unused napkins that I find abandoned on tables
  2. If there are no clean abandoned napkins, I’ll only take one at a time (well, 2 if burritos). 

I employ you to take the napkin pledge with me!



One thought on “Save the earth: Take The Napkin Pledge!

  1. I’m so glad you are taking this pledge to help the environment — yay for Ann!  As for myself — I’ll stick with making sure my napking are hygenic.  Sorry :-)

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