Product recommendation: Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness

IMG_3897Lucy pulls so hard on her leash that she will walk upright and choke herself if leashed directly to her collar.  No joke.  She just doesn’t get the cause and effect or doesn’t care.  I tried a pinch collar once and it didn’t even phase her.  For awhile I used a body harness that linked on her back but she’d pull like she was running the Iditarod.  Then I got the Gentle Leader Headcollar which is recommended by most dog trainers.  The Headcollar worked in that she didn’t choke herself, but she would usually turn around and wriggle like a salmon on the line, plus it looked like she had a muzzle on and was dangerous!

Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness - RED MEDIUMThen about a year ago I found the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness at the Overlake Mud Bay.  I am so impressed with this product.  It works like the head harness in that when she pulls she gets turned around and her attention is diverted, but unlike the head harness she doesn’t find it uncomfortable and it looks like a normal harness.  Sometimes after a long walk I’ll forget to take it off and she just wears it around the house – in fact that’s what just inspired me to write this.

If you have a dog that pulls on the leash, try it.


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