Black pups face doggie discrimination


Big, black dogs are often the last to be adopted from animal shelters — a phenomenon known in pet rescue circles as "black dog syndrome."

Black pups face doggie discrimination – Pet health-

When I volunteered at the Humane Society doing off-site adoptions, I was struck by the proportion of dogs we had that were black.  It’s got me thinking that this would be a good cause to devote myself to – maybe starting some kind of organization promoting the coolness of black dogs.  Black is beautiful, baby 🙂

desitonWhen I adopted Desi, I knew she was a victim of "black dog syndrome" – she’d been in the shelter for quite awhile, despite her  wonderful temperament. I myself might not have given her a second look if it weren’t for the detailed description of her on that included the now often-quoted phrase, "She’s so easy to have in your home."  What an understatement!  Desi is the perfect dog – so earnest, obedient and sweet, plus she can look totally scary and menacing when she needs to which comes in handy.

Look at this face:


More Desi pics


2 thoughts on “Black pups face doggie discrimination

  1. Gosh, even dogs can’t escape our cultural prejudice against blackness combined with size.  And pet shelter workers have to take special measures to bring attention to them, so that good black dogs aren’t euthanized?  Sad.

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