Mozy: Free easy online backup – set it and forget it.

imageI love Mozy.  2 gigs of backup for free, unlimited for $54 a year.  The site is clean and attractive and the app is simple and unobtrusive; I never see it unless I haven’t backed up in a few days which rarely happens. 

Last summer my hard drive fried and I didn’t even break a sweat because I knew it had all backed up automatically the night before. Made it easy to pony up that $54. The only drawback is that doing an initial back up of 10+ gigs could take an objectionable amount of time, but it’s a great system in combination with an external hard drive for your photo and music archives.

Check it out

Disclaimer: Omar and Mike have had tech issues with Mozy and have switched to Carbonite so YMMV.



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