Things I wish Outlook would ship

tk There is so much user pain around email overload and so many cool ideas on how to combat it.  I wish the Outlook team would ship:

  • Thread killer.  This is a great plugin that’s been hanging around MSFT for awhile but doesn’t seem to work for me anymore.  Basically it puts a button at the top of emails you view that says "Kill thread".  If you click the button it sends all subsequent emails with that subject line to your delete box.  Take that Zune vs. iPod holy wars!
  • Thread compressor.  Another plugin that unfortunately is a little buggy or I would run it all the time.  It deletes messages that are included in newer messages, essentially keeping only the last message in a thread.  May not be right under certain circumstances, but crucial for busy discussion DLs. Now if only it dealt with forks well…
  • Fork mender.  How’s this for an idea?  If you are about to fork a message, when you hit send a pop up will say, "Did you know you’ve received another reply on this thread?  Click OK to mend the fork" and your reply will be to the latest message, not the one you composed your reply to.  Yes, the flow may sound a bit disjointed, but perhaps you could be given a chance to view and address the latest reply before sending.

Ship it!


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