FRONTLINE: growing up online | PBS

h_vbox Highly recommended.  They did a great job choosing good stories to follow and showing multiple perspectives on the effect of the Internet Revolution on young people.  As someone who works on a social networking site (Windows Live Spaces), it is always distressing to witness the negative effects of the Internet, but relieving to hear researchers say that the kids who get in trouble online are looking for it and get in way worse trouble offline. It’s like blaming a road construction crew for a highway death.  It’s dangerous, yes.  Speed can kill – it amplifies emotions and can accelerate disaster.  It will be fascinating to see how the integration of this new world in to our society unfolds.

You can watch the entire report online: FRONTLINE: growing up online | PBS


One thought on “FRONTLINE: growing up online | PBS

  1. This was super interesting.  The social studies class with computers on every desk seemed a bit unusual.  The girl saying "you only have like 50 best friends" made me laugh.

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