Lost with GPS

garmin_zumo_550_200Overheard at the airport: 30-something man in golf shirt whining into his cell phone,
"Because!  I’ll be going places where I don’t know where they are! Like the hotel and the restaurant!  God – sorry!  I needed it!  What!  I need it!  I don’t know where the hotel is!  Sorry!"

The person on the other end of the phone is someone we are going to be seeing a lot more of:  Lost with GPS.  With?  Yes, because if she’d been driving around without GPS for the last few weeks or months she would have a mental map of her surroundings.  But GPS does something really unfortunate – it turns off the part of your brain that keeps track of where you are in space.  Once you start depending on it, it becomes like your knowledgeable friend in the passenger seat who is guiding you around her hometown and you can totally trust her because you are just visiting and you just don’t care where you are.  You just drive absent-mindedly and turn where she says to turn.

garmin_zumo550_page-search-1_en But suddenly – she’s not there!  And you don’t even know how to get home! 

How do I get home if I can’t click Go Home?



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