Amazon, iPod, Sirius, and Tivo: My music consumption is out of control! Can Zune save the day?

IMG_2242 Ever since my iPod died a few months ago (you can’t ride with it in your pocket in the pouring rain for hours – imagine!) I’ve taken a step back and looked at all these bills and asked myself, “How can I get this in control?”

My current monthly consumption:

Item Monthly spend Pros Cons
Amazon used CDs $30 average Nice to have the “hard version” in my permanent collection Expensive, have to rip to be portable.
Siruis Satellite radio (car) $12 Lots of variety.  Madison (DJ). Reception and sound quality are terrible.  Can’t get reception in my house.
Live365 on Tivo Free (my Tivo has lifetime subscription) Variety, unique. DIY broadcasting = ecclectic programming Tivo bonks sometimes (read error).  Sound quality isn’t great.
iPod (RIP) Free to play current music, but bought a lot of CDs to get new music Large capacity fit almost my entire music collection.  Easy UI.  Had dock in living room hooked up to surround sound – sweet. Doesn’t take batteries, could run out when on the go (airplane, motorcycle, gym).  I get tired of my music collection and can’t get new music on the run.
Crappy $20 flash MP3 player I got on ebay and use on my motorcycle Free Very small.  Cheap. Convenient USB connector.  Finally got Media Player playlist to random synch.  Takes AAA batteries – I keep a bunch of rechargables on me. Awful UI.  Incredibly frustrating. Only 2 gigs of space and my music was ripped at high quality therefore large file sizes limit selection.  This makes long trips excruciating.


Red_Zune_Base_V1_lg So I hear the new Zune will solve all my problems – the subscription model is very intriguing.  Essentially, you pay $25 and download all the music you want and can play it as long as your subscription is active.  Seems like a lot of money but I can replace the Sirius and CD purchases with it.

These photos of the custom engravings they are offering look really cool.  I don’t think I would get mine engraved because it would probably be in a case all the time.  Then again, if the hardware’s surface was more durable than the ipod’s then I might not need to do that.  Well, maybe I should get something more waterproof 😉

The early reviews even say it beats the iPod!  Right on!

Here Comes the Zune – Microsoft Zune 80GB: At A Glance – Reviews by PC Magazine

The new Zune is trimmer, has a larger screen and increased capacity. Add its wireless abilities to the equation and you’ve got a player that (gasp!) trumps Apple’s iPod classic.

Cnet Zune review (second generation, 80GB, black)

The Zune has blossomed from an ugly duckling into a worthy iPod alternative. Having survived its freshman hazing, the Zune is back for its sophomore revenge, and the iPod has every reason to be frightened. With a new design, higher capacity, wireless sync capability, larger screen, and integrated support for audio and video podcasts, the new 80GB Zune ($249) is finally giving everyone a true alternative to the iPod.


2 thoughts on “Amazon, iPod, Sirius, and Tivo: My music consumption is out of control! Can Zune save the day?

  1. I played with an 8gb one for a long time today – and then ordered a red one (for my wife, I’m getting black!)  It’s totally cool – seriously – it isn’t an iPod, but it’s about the closest thing to it in terms of emotional appeal I’ve seen come from Microsoft.  But yeah, your music consumption is out of control!  What I do is exchange all my old CDs for new ones – and then rip them in WMA Lossless to archive them :)

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