Shootin guns at Wade’s BLAM BLAM BLAM!

Well it was my birthday so I celebrated the way *I* wanted to – by shootin off a bunch of guns! 

target and 22 gunI had always wanted to take a handgun class – I love aiming sports like archery and pool and I know from when I was a kid and shot my dad’s air rifle that I was a pretty good shot – just like Annie Oakley!  I don’t like gun culture or the idea of killing animals so I never got into the hunting thing when I was growing up in Texas but guns have always fascinated me simply for their powerful pyrotechnic potential.  Plus they can be a beautiful mix of metal and wood – sexy!

women shoot guns at shooting rangeThe Basic Handgun Safety class at Wade’s Eastside Guns is three hours of safety training and one hour on the range.  The safety training was pretty interesting – I definitely have a new understanding of how powerful guns can be (can shoot through all walls of your house, skip across a lake 9 miles, shoot through steel beams, etc).  But on to the fun part!

We shot 22’s – both semi-automatics and revolvers.  I especially liked some of the semi’s – and it didn’t really kick back much at all.  I shot probably 10 rounds.

500 magnum Then as the grand finale, our exuberant instructor brought out a 500 Magnum.  Holy sh-t – it was huge.  The first woman that shot it couldn’t get over how powerful it felt (see video below) and I knew I had to do it.  A 14-year old girl shot it before I did and it kicked back so hard that she dropped it, giving us all a little scare.  Our instructor pointed out that this is why he only puts one round in it at a time!  So I stepped up to the plate, got a good grip and squeezed the trigger…

woman shoots gun KA-BLAM.  Woah.  It jerked my arms up and somehow drew blood on the palm of my hand (just a scratch).  It was like holding onto a firework while it goes off – and not the little roadside ones you can get your hands on, the big ones they shoot off down at the lake.  This was serious.  I felt it in my whole body for about an hour.  It was great.

I don’t think I want a gun for self-protection – I think pepper spray is better for all involved in a situation like that – but I could see myself getting into the sport later in life.  In the meantime, I’ll probably mosey on back there some Tuesday for Ladies’ Night.  Only $7 to shoot and it’s right down the street.



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