Concert Review: Zombie and Ozzy

l_2fb150e5ca13eadeb59fefb632d049b5 Wow – Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne.  In one show.  SB pinged me two days ago with tickets next to the stage and I couldn’t resist.  I even bagged my Operations TA session but hey, it’s Zombie and Ozzy!

They had an opening band called In this Moment whose most memorable qualities were 1) a blonde chick singer who looked like Gwen Stefani but sang like the chick from Flyleaf 2) she was wearing a bizarre pink Cinderella dress with a hoop and everything and 3) their logo was pretty cool – the two N’s were extended upwards in this interesting way.  Very goth.

rob_zombie_hellbilly Then Rob Zombie came on.  I really love Zombie’s music – I  listen to it SUPER loud at least once a week – and I appreciate his strong visual aesthetic but it’s definitely not my style. There were a lot of giant gruesome monsters and retro soft porn images both live and on video screens.  Some of the video was downright sick (lots of blood and gore, people being tortured, historical murder scenes like sharon tate, etc).  There were parts where I definitely had to look away.  I wondered what  it meant that I loved his music so much but I dislike the accompanying imagery.  I theorized it was that I love the power it expresses but the ways I use the power are very different, or maybe it’s the origin of the anger that requires the power that is so different.  In any case, he was an awesome performer and flew around the stage whipping his hair around and head banging.  He has great hair.  (OMG I sound like such a girl).

Ozzy23aAfter a loooong set up time and an even longer medley of painfully hip Ozzy parody videos (Ozzy starring in The Sopranos, The Office, Desperate Housewives, etc) the Prince of Darkness finally graced the stage.  My first thoughts were, "He sounds pretty good!  Jeez, what is he wearing?"  He had this ill-fitting plain black long-sleeved t-shirt on that accentuated his old man belly and wouldn’t let you forget how ancient he really is (58 going on 78).  He seemed to be having a good time and sounded OK (definitely pitchy and off rhythm here and there) and had a fair amount of energy.  He does stumble around a lot and looks a bit puffy.  He was drinking tea (?) between every song and there are reports of him hitting on inhalers a few times.  In general I thought he was pretty good considering but then again, it was the first show of the tour and he is in the best shape he’s going to be. 


After the show SB and I talked about how Sharon is killing Ozzy and how wretched she is (memorable quote from their reality show: "Here Ozzy, taste this. No, I didn’t like it either.").  I guess it takes two to tango but honestly I see Ozzy as a child that she rescued years ago when he was near death from drugs and mental problems and she has ridden him like a race horse ever since.  She feeds him fairly well and has created an AMAZING arena for him to perform in (what a shrewd marketer) but dammit, he’s just too old to keep running like this and how are people going to feel when he dies on the track instead of in his lavish stable?  Ozzy complains that she is a shopaholic who sends him out on tour to pay her bills and I imagine that is the truth.  I fear he’ll die on the road and she’ll just keep spending his money.  Quite sad.

In general the show was pretty good – sound SUCKS at the Key but when a band is playing a song you know it’s not so bad.  Both bands did a Star Spangled Banner guitar solo which was pretty cheesy – they need to do rock, paper, scissors and decide which one should do it, or they should just let Zach do it because he could eat Zombie’s guitarist for a snack (he just looked like a twinkie). 

Rob%20Zombie%20and%20Ozzy%20OsbourneThe bands were pretty annoyed at the typically quiet Seattle audience which was a little uncomfortable.  I wondered if it made them discouraged about their tour overall.  I got that vibe from Rob especially.  I imagine he is wondering what he’s doing with a washed up head banger and hoping he’s not one too.  Rob, you’re not.

Set lists:


01. Sawdust in the Blood

02. American Witch

03. Demon Speeding

04. Living Dead Girl

05. More Human Than Human

06. Superbeast

07. House of 1,000 Corpses

08. Let It All Bleed Out

09. Never Gonna Stop

10. Thunder Kiss ‘65

11. The Devil’s Rejects

12. Dragula



01. I Don’t Wanna Stop

02. Crazy Train

03. Suicide Solution

04. Mr. Crowley

05. Not Going Away

06. Into The Void

07. Road To Nowhere

08. Fire in the Sky

09. Bark at the Moon

10. Guitar Solo (Z. Wylde)

11. I Don’t Know

12. Here For You

13. I Don’t Want to Change the World


14. Mama I’m Coming Home

15. Paranoid

16. Iron Man

17. Sweet Leaf

18. Children of the Grave


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