Welcome Katherine Layne Stone!

My new niece came into the world this morning weighting 8 lbs and 12 oz and demonstrating her amazing lung power.  My sister sounded good on the phone though she couldn’t talk long because her arms were shaking.  I could hear Katherine though – she already has a lot to say!

Katherine is very beautiful by all accounts – I’m not surprised judging considering her parents’ good looks.  Her big brother Will is at home and hasn’t met her yet.  I’m sure will puzzle mightily in the next few weeks as he tries to figure out why this screaming thing won’t go home but I know he’ll get really excited when he realizes how he can take care of her and have a playmate for the rest of his life!

And actually, considering she’s a Leo, she’ll probably do a lot of the caring.  Like a lion she will be regal, radiant and protective. 

This is the very first mention of her on the Internet and someday she’ll find this which is pretty cool!  I would bet it will be when she is five or six.  Although eventually she may not want people knowing how old she is but I would imagine by that time she will have many many more results that come up higher than this one.  Or maybe by that time we won’t even have web pages and search results.  Maybe these will just be bits out floating in the ether…

In any case, welcome to this crazy world, Katherine!  I’ll see you in a month 🙂

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