Annual Mountain morning show broadcast at Tully’s

Today was the Free Latte Friday broadcast from the Tully’s in Bella Botega in downtown Redmond.  103.7 The Mountain broadcasts their entire morning show from different Tully’s locations every Friday throughout the summer and since I listen to them every morning it’s really fun to go and spend some time hanging out and watching them do the show.  Since this location is on my way to work, I try to go see them there. I went last year and had a great time. See last year’s photos (I didn’t take any inside this year).

Today was extra special because I got to thank Lee Callahan (morning show host and producer) for planting the seed that lead me to get a motorcycle.  She’s hilarious – I just love her.  Also, I got to play Actual Factual, a game they play every morning where you are given a fact and you have to guess whether it’s true (“actual factual”) or false (“bogus”).  The coolest part was sitting there with the headphones on for the 10 minutes before we went on the air – I could hear the DJs talking to each other and to the engineers in the studio over the music that was on the air.  It reminded me a little bit of listening to the pilots talking to each other on an airplane (some airlines pipe that into the passenger headphones and it’s so cool!) – they have their own lingo but it’s pretty easy to catch on.  I think I got three questions right (I can’t remember them) and then I got tripped up on, “CNN was the first cable station,” which is false – it was HBO.  I was thinking of Ted Turner and that I’d read about this in a case for school a few quarters ago but still got it wrong.  Oh well, I was just glad to play!


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