“No one cares about your blog”?

A coworker is wearing a shirt today that says “No one cares about your blog.”  Pretty funny, and it brings up a question I’m asked all the time: Why in the world do you blog?  I can sum up the answer in one word: Search.

I, like most people, used to think that blogging was what self-absorbed naive teenagers do – like publishing your personal diary – and that it had no useful purpose besides stroking one’s ego and giving hot tips to stalkers.  Yet I have so many interests and opinions that I want to share that I feel compelled to share them because I know they are of value to somebody.  The sum of what I have to say doesn’t really add up to anything truly cohesive, but that isn’t the point.  What search does is bring people here who are truly interested in something I have to say.  Not everything, but something.

For example, I looked at my statistics on this blog last week and found that people who searched Google for “should i get a 250” found my 650 v 250 post, someone searched for “Seattle Storm” and found my Why I love the Seattle Storm post, and someone who searched for “GMAT prep” found my How to ace the GMAT post.  That is just so cool!  It allows me to help people that I don’t even know!



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