Good summation of the Storm situation in The Seattle Times: “New port for Storm?”

ljsuewait Jayda Evans wrote a great article summing up the current situation for the Storm.  I think it’s quite likely that the new owners will move the team to Oklahoma next season but might have problems forcing some of the most popular players like Lauren Jackson to move.  The players have become quite attached to this town – I know Sue Bird bought a home or condo in Queen Anne.  I also doubt OK will become a viable market for the Storm and they’ll likely fold in a few years.  Very sad news all around, but we can  storm1hope for a miracle.  Oh Lisa….  😉

There is a trend for independent ownership.

The Los Angeles Sparks and Houston Comets joined Connecticut, Washington and Chicago as non-NBA owned teams this summer. The typical price was $10 million. Many Storm fans are looking to Jack Rodgers, a former part-owner with the Howard Schultz group, as a first choice to save their team.

 Approached last fall about the possibility, Rodgers smiled without commenting. Rumors have also floated to a few millionaire women employed by Microsoft.

Source: Storm | New port for Storm? | Seattle Times Newspaper


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