Kelly is cracking me up

I heard Kelly’s "Let Me Borrow That Top" on SIRIUS yesterday and I just about choked.  The concept is simple but the execution is simply flawless.  What a sense of comedic timing and insight into the absurdity of the wannabe Paris Hilton culture.  And the musical production isn’t half bad either.

So I went online to do some background research and apparently Kelly’s "Shoes" is one of last year’s biggest viral videos (I feel kind of old for having to find out from SIRIUS) and with good reason.  Wow.  Plus it turned into a YouTube phenom with scores of parodies (Kelly put a watchable compilation of the parodies on her MySpace).

Margaret Cho co-stars in "Text Message Break Up", Kellyl’s newest video.  That song is musically my least favorite but there are some excellent lines and the concept is pure 2007.

Watch the videos on MySpace

Link to Kelly’s MySpace page


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