What makes “Ann” a really annoying name to have

For the most part I like my name.  "Ann" is a little old-fashioned, but that is fine with me.  I’d much rather be an Ann than a Kayla (no offense to you Kayla’s out there, I’m just a little more traditional than that.  Or old.).  I think it must be more common as a middle name because countless people tell me it’s their middle name or their sister/aunt/partner/mother’s middle name.  There’s even something about the name that’s a little mysterious or has an element of femme fatale, but maybe that’s my own prejudice.  However, there’s one thing about my name that I really get tired of!

You probably don’t realize this but when people speak, they often use the word "And" for emphasis.  I think there’s at least one or two times a day, throughout my ENTIRE LIFE, when I’ll be sitting in a meeting/cafe/class/restaurant – anywhere there are other people – and I’ll be minding my own business (or tuning out a boring lecture 😉 and I will hear, "blah blah blah ANNNd (pause)," and i think they’ve said my name so I immediately turn my attention to them.  It is so distracting!

I  know I’m not the only one who has this problem – whenever I meet another Ann I always commisterate about this little-known thing that makes our name annoying to have.

 I’d still rather be Ann than Gertrude.  Or Bridget.  



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