A week of snow

It’s snowed here off and on for the last week and unlike normal Seattle snow this stuff has stayed around.  We got the first big snow last Wednesday and it was the weirdest snow I’ve ever seen.  It looked like green pea-sized hail but it was snow – the balls held their shape but were not frozen.  It looked like everything was covered with cottage cheese.

I like snow.  I grew up in Texas where I think it snowed once that I remember.  When I got to college in NY I had a rude awakening and walked around with pneumonia for the first semester because I didn’t fully understand how to dress warmly.   Yay for long johns!

It’s funny how people are so freaked out here and everything shuts down but if you live in a hilly city without a lot of snow equipment and you have 2WD then you are basically stuck, or at least stuck at home with the kids because school is closed.  Luckily I have 4WD and live 2 miles from work and have had no problem getting around.  I like driving in 2WD and sliding around for fun but don’t tell anyone!

More snow pics


Wow – check out this footage of a bunch of cars crashing on the icy streets in Portland:

With news commentary

Long footage without commentary


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