Auto issues and the triumph of the Internet

One of the many things I love about the Internet is that it can help you solve all kinds of everyday problems that come up in life.  One of my favorite is car problems – everyone has them and the auto service industry is set up to suck you dry. But with a few quick words in a search engine like "Nissan Pathfinder ERRR2 CD" and I can turn a $500+ expense into a $100 expense.

Backstory: My Clarion CD player in my Pathfinder choked and died – however I was even prepared for it to happen as it was the #1 biggest complaint that I found when I originally researched the car (I figured it wasn’t a big deal and I haven’t been disappointed with the car otherwise). The dealership quoted $500 just to see what was wrong with it so I did a search and found a humongous thread about the issue that linked to great instructions on how to remove the player yourself and send it to a guy on eBay who fixed it for $100. 

Yay for the Internet!  Boo for broken stuff and car dealerships! 

The helpful thread in question: Nissan Pathfinder 01 – 6 Disc CD Changer – HELP


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