I love my new Smartphone!

After five years with Sprint and suffering through months of poor reception in my house (you know it’s bad when you start making a habit of trying to make calls away from home) I finally switched to Cingular and got a new Smartphone!  I’m totally in love!!!!

This is Cingular’s new 3125 Smartphone that came out last month – it’s almost as small as a Razor but way cooler.  The screen is taller and the resolution is above and beyond, plus it has Windows Mobile so I can access my Outlook Mail, Task, and Calendar.  Now I’m never away from the office.  Wait, is that a good thing? 😉


Link to Cell Phone Details | Cingular Wireless

Postscript, six weeks later:

I LOVE this thing.  I will never get lost again because I have infinite maps at my disposal.  I can even find the nearest bookstore or bagel shop.  I will always have my data backed up.  I can input a phone number in Outlook and it shows up on my phone.  I can take a picture on my phone and assign it to a contact and it shows up in Outlook.  The thing I like best is what I thought I would hate – being connected to work 24-7.  What I like about it is that I know what is going on and I don’t have to wonder.  Instead of walking around wondering if there’s a fire I should be fighting there I can just check and see that nothing is going on and then I feel better.  Or I see that there’s a fire and I can fight it and then go back to my day and when I get to the office there won’t be a dozen fires all piled up.  It’s great.  I will never live without it and it’s such a nice feeling – it’s a huge leap forward in my technological life.


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