Joan Jett is a cultural phenomenon

Taryn and I saw Joan Jett at the Showbox in Seattle on Wednesday and she was quite impressive.  She is such a pro – her voice sounded perfect and she spit out every note with amazing accuracy and energy.  I am always impressed with singers who can sing live with perfect pitch and you can just tell she is completely able to nail it every time.  Her band sounded great – I was really struck by how their sound is right up my alley (no pun intended) – just your basic tight but dirty loud rock and roll band.  Two guitar hard rock with pop polish.  My favorite.

What struck me the most about the show was how a little dyke in S/M gear can spit onstage and guys think she’s sexy.  How did she do that?  Were we all so naive about sexuality in the 80’s that we couldn’t figure out that she was gay?  Or did her lyric "Saw him dancing there by the record machine" trump "When she comes walking over, I’ve been waiting to show her, Crimson and Clover" because the latter is a cover?  She wisely but somewhat disappointingly chooses not to directly confirm or deny her sexuality to the press but lyrics like "AC/DC she’s got some other lover as well as me" and her songs "Fetish" and "Androgenous" (both of which she sang Wednesday) confirm our suspicions.

The woman spits on stage and men think she’s sexy.  Seriously, can you think of any other woman who can do that?  Totally amazing and powerful to watch.  Viva la Jett.


One thought on “Joan Jett is a cultural phenomenon

  1. Dang. I think you missed your chance:
    Carmen Electra said she had a crush on singer Joan Jett when she was a girl, and now recently-single Carmen had the opportunity to make her childhood dreams come true. The unlikely pair was said to be all over each other backstage at a concert:
    Carmen Electra, and rocker Joan Jett were getting hot and heavy, and they certainly were not trying to hide it. After Joan performed at the Music Box, the two were spotted backstage aggressively kissing, hugging, and touching. According to bystanders, the intensity between the pair translated to the real thing; true love may be in the air for this duo. Their relationship began in May when Carmen made an appearance in Joan’s new “A.C.D.C.” video. According to Carmen’s rep, “Carmen was at the concert. She is a really big fan of Joan’s and I guess this was her way of thanking her for the front row seats.” Wow, Carmen’s got some way of showing her gratitude!

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