End of the Seatte Storm Season

OK, I guess I’m recovered enough from the end of the Storm season to talk about it.  There were many moments of promise but overall it was a frustrating year.  We were plagued with injuries unlike we’d ever been before, and frankly I think one of our biggest weaknesses was Betty Lennox.  She is supposed to be our star shooter and other than a few breakout games she was simply way too out of control to be effective.  Sue Bird also had her lowest scoring year but her playing was still excellent and Lauren was a powerhouse despite her injuries.  I think it would have been a completely different year if our new starting center Wendy Palmer hadn’t gotten sidelined so early in the year.  All I can say is that I hope we can get rid of Betty and get Wendy and Lauren really healthy.  We’d be unstoppable.
The last game of the season was really exhilarating.  I went to the Theater Off Jackson to watch with the other Storm fans and we were pretty worried going in and with good reason.  We were simply outmatched in maturity by LA and were down 14 at the start of the fourth quarter.  We all thought it was hopeless but we made an amazing comeback to bring it within one point.  How?  Lauren Jackson.  She is the greatest player ever.  Though the game didn’t turn out how we needed it to (Betty, ugh) I was still impressed with the effort and felt so much better than last year when we simply laid down for Houston twice at home.
The season is so short.  I can’t believe we have to wait eight months.  Time to just put it out of my mind until then…

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