Movie review: ‘Heart of the Game’ is awesome

The Seattle Storm gave a special showing of "The Heart of the Game" for season ticket holders tonight and I had a great time.  What a movie!  I remember when it was being filmed they had fundraisers to try to get it finished – screenings for $100 which was a little out of my reach.  It’s amazing to think that this movie was struggling just to get completed – the quality is just so high. I will even go out on a limb to say it’s a better documentary than Murderball.  While Murderball’s subject matter was obviously more unique, the characters in Heart are more appealing, the story unfolds over a long time and deals with such young people that you really get to see them change, and the story just could not have been written so perfectly – and it’s reality.  Plus it’s nice to see Seattle, Roosevelt High School, a few people I know from way back like Joyce Walker, and of course the Storm make a brief appearance. 


Truly amazing – highly recommended.  I’m sure you won’t hear differently anywhere.  I’d argue that it’s one of the best documentaries ever made, definitely one of the top five sports documentaries if not the best.



‘Heart of the Game’ scores big – AT THE MOVIES –


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