Capitol Hill Murders

This weekend I finally read the full story about the multiple murders that happened on Capitol Hill last week, mere blocks from where I lived for many years.  I don’t watch TV and rarely read mainstream news so I knew little of the event until I sat down with the latest issue of The Stranger and was horrified not only by the story, but by the mainstream media’s response (see Raving Mad).  The media has been quick to create hysteria and blame the victims not the killer, saying the rave scene is the problem, not that roaming psychopaths can so easily stock up on deadly weapons.  Check out what the Seattle Times said:

Quote: "The Seattle Times’ call for action …concluded: "At this point, our community has to rethink late-night activities for young people. We must do what we can to prevent such a horrific incident from happening again."

Totally ridiculous and offensive. This is a hard enough time without the press contorting the real issues. Saying that parties for young people are to blame is like saying you shouldn’t go to McDonald’s because someone shot people there.  Someone can show up anywhere with a gun. The guns are the problems.  And the untreated mentally ill people who are troubled enough to use them.


I stopped by the house today (I had a dentist appointment which was close by) to pay my respects.  It was a grey day and the house was quiet.  There was a huge dumpster out front and a couple of brooms propped up against the porch.  There were messages, candles and flowers on on the sidewalk and in the bushes and a poster with photos of the victims, who were so young.  Unbelievably young.

This could have happened to anyone.  It’s such a tragedy, and very close to home.



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