Mash-up mania!

 I have become completely addicted to Mashups.  My favorite mashup DJ is Aggro1.  My favorite songs so far are Missy Elliot vs. Primer 55 and Kelly Clarkson vs. American Analog Set.  What I love most about them (and it seems that Aggro1 feels the same way) is that female pop vocals (Beyonce, Gwen, Madonna) sound great over really aggressive metal.  Yes!

And for the record, count me as a consumer who actually increased my record buying as a direct result of downloading mashed MP3s.  I bought Primer 55’s album and didn’t know who they were before hearing them mashed.  So there!


This site has hundreds of mashups for you to download for free right now:

Mashculture>>>rechts klikken en saven<<<


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