Concert review: Weezer and the Foo Fighters

JS and I saw Weezer and the Foo Fighters last week at Key Arena in Seattle.  It was a great show – even better than I expected. 
Hot Hot Heat opened and they were OK – they are riding the 80’s bandwagon pretty hard core and are a little too much for me.
I had read some reviews of Weezer’s last show in Seattle and they said that Rivers (lead singer) was very uninspired and that the show was pretty boring so I didn’t have high hopes.  I figured their music is so good that even if they were not into it that it would still be enjoyable.  I’m not sure what happened between that show and this one but Weezer was having a great time as far as I could tell and the massive crowd was overjoyed.  My favorite Weezer song is "Island in the Sun" which Rivers did solo acoustic and it was just so beautiful – breathtaking.  Rivers is such a good singer and guitarist – it was really impressive – and the energy was infectious.  Definitely one of the best feeling concerts I’ve seen.
The Foo Fighters were pretty good but after Weezer they seemed like an odd choice for a headliner.  They rocked for sure, but Dave kept screaming "Come on!" all the time and it reminded me of Billie Joe at the Green Day show I saw last month.  The high point of their set was when Dave played drums and the drummer sang.  Dave is such an amazing drummer – it was incredibly mezmorizing to watch him move.  In the end it disappointed me that he sings and plays guitar the majority of the time – I really like his songs but I wish he could sing lead and play drums at the same time.  I think he’s one of the best drummers in the world and for him to barely drum in his concerts is frustrating.  He’s doing what he wants to do though so more power to him.
I thought a lot about what an odd mix Weezer and the Foo Fighters was.  Weezer is anti-industry and anti-celebrity and anti-standard rock bs.  They seem much more interested in their craft and creating each song and letting the songs stand on their own – even to the point of having the other members of the band and the crowd sing entire songs.  Rivers doesn’t want it to be about Rivers, it’s about the music.  The Foo Fighters on the other hand is more about ROCKNROLL – being in a rock band.  They never changed instruments and barely stopped to tune – it was just standard rock band stuff.  Loud, screaming, balls out energy.  I don’t think their songs are strong enough to stand on their own – it’s more about the delivery and situation of being at a Rock Concert.  Weezer is more about all of us appreciating the songs together at a rock concert.
Then again, I think Motley Crue and the Rolling Stones are probably an odder pairing – we’ll see how that goes tonight (hopefully).
You can see the diff btwn Dave and Rivers:

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