Concert review: Motley Crue and the Rolling Stones

Well, I’m glad I went but I have to say it was disappointing.  I knew that Motley Crue would probably have to tone it down because they would be opening for the Stones and the Stones crowd is just not the Crue crowd.  Then add the fact that it wasn’t about the Crue since they weren’t headlining, it was about the Stones so they couldn’t upstage them and would have less space on stage.  But even then it just seemed like Stifled Crue.  They were obviously jazzed to be opening for the Stones – Tommy even said to have a drink to celebrate and then took his bottle of Jager and gave it to some people in the front row and told them to, "Be nice and share it," but I doubt those Stones fans even knew what Jager was (Jager, not Jagger)!  But all in all it was just not their usual decadence.
My favorite moment of the entire concert was before it began – I was in nosebleed seats close to the stage (I could feel the pyrotechnics!) and could see behind the curtain.  Just before the concert began, Tommy Lee appeared at the bottom of some stairs leading up to the stage and I could see his whole tattooed back and hear him playing with his drum sticks on the stair railings and steps.  I guess it was the anticipation that was so great, and seeing how he really loves it – it’s about the music and having fun.
The Stones were zzzz.  I think to someone my age, saying you like the Stones is saying you like the C Major scale.  It’s fundamental, you grew up with it, it’s what everything else is made of, but you don’t just listen to it on a CD for fun.  The guys are endearing and I totally respect their longevity (has there been another rock band that’s been around as long?) but as far as their music goes – it just doesn’t speak to me.  There’s nothing particularly cathartic and beautiful about it (I guess my musical tastes start at Led Zeppelin).  "Honky Tonk Woman" and "Statisfaction" were fun, but I was actually pretty bored and was glad I could play with taking pictures with my cell phone.
They did do this really cool thing with the stage – they took the entire middle chunk of it and rolled it out all the way through the floor section to the other side of the arena and played a few songs over there.  Hydrolics are cool.
Ok, I like Tommy Lee.  There, I said it.  OK, now get back to work 😛

One thought on “Concert review: Motley Crue and the Rolling Stones

  1. Was at the concert as well — I didn’t find it as "zzzz" as you. I mean, come on they are in their 60’s, so that alone was entertaining. Crue sucked.However, my favorite moment was "Sympathy…" That was fun to watch.

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